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Glad you stopped by! My name is Mel. I’m a 45yo attorney living in Washington DC and working for a large federal agency. 

Although I had previously purchased a few movie posters here and there, my collecting “saga” really begins on March 20, 2009. I was wandering around downtown Denver during a ski trip when I spotted a movie poster store (Hollywood Movie Posters, one of the few poster stores still around). I was immediately hooked! I’d joined art appreciation groups before and - frankly - the “prestige” art at museums bored me to tears. I could RELATE to these movie posters!  Some of them featured artwork much more creative and intriguing than sleepy museum fare, some brought to mind my favorite movie memories, some were hilarious, and some were amazingly creative.

As of the most recent update to this site (April 2014), I’ve accrued 881 posters and prints.  Most of my posters are “original”, which means that they were actually used in (or at least printed for use) in movie theaters.  The rest of them are TV show posters, commercial posters, limited edition art prints, music posters, etc. I originally focused on modern US posters (1980+) but later expanded to posters from earlier decades and other countries, especially Italy, France, UK, and Japan.

When I tell people how many posters I have, they usually say “wow - you’re really obsessed with movies!” That’s not really true. I probably watch only 10-12 movies a year. I truly consider my movie posters an art collection. I buy posters based on artistry, rarity, creativity, and overall coolness. However, I will sometimes buy a mediocre poster (e.g. Caddyshack) just because I really like the movie. I’ve watched about half of the movies for which I have posters.  The following quote sums up the situation very well:

"Movie poster collectors are a strange lot. The reason they spend so many precious hours seeking out and find comfort in the artistry of people who are long dead cannot be entirely explained by logic, but in that respect collecting film posters is no different from becoming lost in the works of Charles Dickens, or devoting oneself to studying Victorian paintings or restoring an old house."  Ira Resnick, Starstruck: Vintage Movie Posters

I’ve organized my posters in several ways - rating, decade, series, country of origin, etc.  Follow the links below to reach each separate gallery. (I organized and created these galleries in Aperture, which I strongly recommend to other poster collectors.)

To contact me, send an email to AlphaMel1968(“at”)gmail(“dot”)com. Also, be sure to check out www.moviepostercollectors.com, my general reference movie poster website, and its link page to exceptional movie poster collections on the Internet.

I have 70+ frames in my “bachelor apartment.”  Every month I change most of the posters in the frames.  Click below to view the APF forum thread where I post my framed posters. Enter at your own risk!

I’ve collected the best posters from some of my favorite movie series. Click on any image to see the gallery.

Like many collectors, I started off solely collecting US one sheets.  Over time, I realized that international posters are often far more creative and artistic than their US counterparts.


The vast majority of my US posters are 27x40/41 one sheets but I also enjoy the larger size posters as well.  Bigger is better, as they say....

I’ve purchased a few movie art prints, including Mondo and S2 “recreation” posters.  Many of them are superior to the original posters and the screenprint colors really “pop”! Check ‘em out.

HOW TO NAVIGATE THE GALLERIES: Each image below is a link to a separate gallery, which will open in a separate tab or window.  When you have finished looking through that gallery, close the window or tab to return to this home page.

Click the icon below to peruse my last 100 purchases, which I try to update every couple of weeks or so.

Note on re-release posters: I listed all re-release posters released in the first 10 years after the first release in the decade of the original release.  All other re-release posters I listed in the decade of the re-release.

When I began collecting, I focused mostly on modern post-1980 posters.  Over time, I learned to appreciate the superior artistry of older posters and have focused my collecting on earlier decades.

As with everything else, not all posters are created equal. Some are clearly superior artistically and/or creatively. Below are galleries of my “Best” and “Almost Best” posters.

Yours truly July 2013