"Mark my words, Fran├žois. Sinister forces are at work!"

Posters from the Pink Panther comedy series, my favorite comedy series.  (Note that the Pink Panther is a diamond, not Inspector Clouseau.)

The posters are listed by title, year of movie release, and other information about the poster

SSR=single sided rolled
DSR=double sided rolled
SSF=single sided folded
RR=re-release poster

None of these are for sale or trade but feel free to contact me at alphamel1968("at" sign)gmail.com. 



Last updated: 2014-01-25

  • Pink Panther 1 (ASITD) (1963 Italy 1P)
  • Pink Panther 1 (TPP) (1963 SSF)
  • Pink Panther 2 (ASITD) (1964 SSF)
  • Pink Panther 2 (ASITD) (1964 UK quad)
  • Pink Panther 3 (ROTPP) (1975 SSF)
  • Pink Panther 4 (TPPSA) (1976 SSF)
  • Pink Panther 4 (TPPSA) (1976 SSF) (Japan B2)
  • Pink Panther 5 (ROTPP) (1978 SSF photos)
  • Pink Panther 5 (ROTPP) (1978 US 1S advance Style B)
  • Pink Panther 6 (TOTPP) (1982 SSR) (US 1S adv)